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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2021 04:53 pm
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Noah Britt

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After looking up and staring at tons and tons of fans, I finally came across a fan brand that sometimes uses a wing-bolt like mine. The fans that sometimes have a bolt that looks like this are DAY-FAN, Delco, later Daytons, and maybe Northeast. All these brands seem to be related to each other in some way.

Here it is on a Delco:

And here on a DAY-FAN:

It also appears to be on two of Jim Humphrey's Daytons in the galleries. 

I would like to validate that these are indeed the brands that used my wing-bolt, so if someone with a Dayton/DAYFAN/Delco/Northeast fan with a wing-bolt that looks right could measure the full length of the bolt and see if it is the same length as mine (2 3/8"), and also measure the diameter of the threaded pole part (mine is about 3/16") I would be very grateful. Measuring these things would probably not even require removing the bolt.