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 Posted: Mon May 3rd, 2021 12:58 am
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Juan Varleta

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Post WW11, Westinghouse had a line of fans called "Power-Aires" which came in 10", 12' and 16" diameters. The motors and oscillators on those fans were exactly the same style as on your fan. The egg-shaped motors that Jeff mentioned above were the ones with the ridges on top (and underneath,) and those didn't come along until the 1950's. I would call yours a "transitional" model since it used the older style motor while incorporating the newer style base, cage and badge we tend to associate with the Livelyaire line.

The ridges on those fans, as far as I know, were painted. Some restorers like to sand the paint off the ridges and polish them up, hence the chrome look, which is really eye catching.