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 Posted: Wed Aug 25th, 2021 09:40 pm
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Noah Britt

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Levi Mevis wrote: Noah Britt wrote: To date your fan precisely, it would be 1956-57, due to the handle on top of the cage. BTW the Vortalex blades are not cast, they are sheet aluminum.

Actually they are cast aluminum, that's why they are so difficult to put back into clock. 

That is strange, my F12V163 has sheet aluminum blades. I have not encountered any cast Vortalex blades that I remember. Thick aluminum (like Vortalex blades or highway signs) is very hard to bend. One time I tried to fix a badly bent aluminum highway sign, and it took me several hours trying everything I could think of, and I still didn't get it totally straight. I don't know why, but when you try to bend aluminum, it just likes to flex instead of actually bend, like steel would.