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 Posted: Thu Sep 23rd, 2021 03:34 am
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Alex Rushing

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Russ Huber wrote: Alex Rushing wrote: I own too many Emersons that would use a detent.

It is a failed design that was in use 1914-19. Emerson implemented a second patent adjustment wheel around 18 that had a brief window of manufacture. Your better off with the last patent design as it is hardy as h ell, especially if you run your Emerson frequently.

Indeed. And I believe it was you that warned not to use it. I used it, as it "seemed strong". Well, wasn't much longer and it happened.
Fan before resto as-was.

And what had happened during the night.

Then Jerry to the rescue with one of his last plates and spring. I couldn't bring myself to paint his handiwork. So it got a gloss clear coat to cap the wheel.

And over a year now enjoying the 27666 with 29646 switch(you brought up earlier).It is a 1919 embossed base variant.

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