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 Posted: Mon Nov 15th, 2021 05:07 am
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John Nyman

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Ok, I know this info is out there but I can't find it...this is a 12 inch ( I own 11 tape measures but can't find a single one so am guessing ) 75423 AB1, AOU brass bell, brass blade steel cage 1922-ish w/ no pot metal so seems to have a 4 conductor headwire that's been butchered into a 2 wire but I can't get the stator out. Using a punch through the air inlets of front cover while dodging the windings is getting me nowhere and the crappy thing is that I've done this before a few years back on a early 3 star GE but am having amnesia. I know it's doable, but I am not even sure how to rewire the head once and if I even get the bugger out. Tony Clayton can get me the wire but he probably thinks I'm blowing him off because I can't be sure if I need 2 or 4 wires from the head. It seems to have a speed controller but want to bench test before ordering from Tony, and I don't know squat about GE speed controllers anyway so please, any thoughts would be very welcome. BTW, a big THANK YOU to David Houtson  for pointing out the setscrew that holds the big brass screw into the gearbox....that was driving me crazy for days...thanks for pointing that out! Also, the base tag on this fan is totally beat to death, anybody making these anymore. Thanks, John