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 Posted: Wed Jan 12th, 2022 10:45 pm
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Hey there fan fans, II have an issue with the front bronze/brass bearing on a Hunter Zephair D12 cat no 25 fan that I have a question about that I'm 99% sure that I know the answer to but I need a 2nd opinion from someone who has experience with repairing or restoring one of these fans...the fan was made in Fulton NY most likely pre-war or in the early war years and upon disassembling it as far as I could to try and free up the stiff to turn rotor shaft I found that the front bearing is either stuck onto the shaft or it was pressed onto the shaft (?)...logically thinking the latter possibility does'nt seem likely at all but heck, I've been wrong before so if someone with experience with one of these fans could confirm with me that the rotor shaft should spin freely inside of this bearing and this bearing should just slip off of the shaft and that there's not some other wonky way this fan motor comes apart I would really appreciate it is now the rotor can't be removed from the motor housing with this bearing stuck on the rotor shaft so it only makes sense that the shaft should be free-spinning inside the from an experienced point of view what would be the best approach to free the bearing up?...penetrating oil and then heat and turn would seem right and I have a ring wrench for removing round viewfinder bezels on vintage viewfinder cameras that will fit the o.d. of the bearing so someone please be good enough to lend me the benefit of your experience with this...thanks in advance, Rick Smith

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